When I was 7 my mom, who was a singer, entered me in a children’s singing competition and I won. That was the beginning of a series of contests, where I was always in the first places. After that I was very interested in modern dance, doing tandem with my cousin. We also competed on TV and in various events where we always ended up as finalists, winning so many trophies.

At 15, I met the “Gen Movement” belonging to the Catholic Focolare Movement which changed the course of my life. Here I wrote my first song “The light” which tells about the change that took place inside me. A year later, I went to Loppiano, a permanent little town of the Focolare Movement. Here I decided to dedicate my life to this cause together with other young people from all over the world, all trying to have a united world.

Then I was part of the Gen Rosso group where I continued to write songs and create choreographies. We traveled the world performing concerts in the biggest and most important theaters, such as the Albert Hall in London, the Fumon Hall in Tokyo, the PICC in Manila, the Maracanazinho in Rio, the Arena in Verona, the Sistina Theater in Rome, etc. Even on an improvised stage for the people of the slums in the Tondo district in Manila, for drug addicts in São Paolo, for sick people in the hospital, in various prisons, orphanages and nursing home.

In 1973 I started attending the University of Florence, first in a course of Natural Sciences and after a degree in Modern Literature. In 1975 I studied various dance disciplines in Paris.

In 1976 I composed an entire musical “Someone lets the sun rise” which Gen Rosso toured until 1980. While in 1982 I composed another musical “A story that changes” which always Gen Rosso performed until the 1990s.

With Gen Rosso I toured all over Brazil, the United States, South America, Asia and Europe, where we sang for the Pope, for politicians of all ideological currents, in front of Kings, Queens and Princes; but what makes me most proud is having sung for the neediest.

I personally met Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement. On various occasions we sang and danced for her, even animated the very first World Youth Day in the Vatican. “Resta qui con noi” (Stay with us oh Lord) is the song I composed with two other members of Gen Rosso, and it has been the anthem of WYD from that year and onwards.

In 1995 I was entrusted with the Artistic Direction of WYD, in particular the Artistic Vigil for Pope John Paul II, where 5 million people were present.

For the Gen Fest of the years 1975, 2000 and 2018, I did the choreography and curated the Artistic Direction. Then in 1988, I justify Gen Rosso to do other experiences, so a Filipino record company took me and I recorded various songs with them, I sang in various national TV programs; I also did concerts as a soloist.

In 1997 I moved to Melbourne, Australia, but in 2005 I returned to Manila to treat a cancer that I fought for 10 years and recovered from. Fortunately, in 2016 I returned to Italy for a concert in Piacenza. On that occasion, the Swiss label BAM Music offered me an exclusive recording, publishing and management contract.


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